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We are Artistry Studios; a creative studio powering brands and commerce, with the belief that ingenuity and great execution drives meaningful connection. Since 2015, our clients and partners have trusted us to craft campaigns, design products and produce cross channel experiences, that create meaning, impact and success.

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Introducing Memberships with Artistry Studios!

An exclusive service offering for highly creative and agile brands! Memberships with Artistry Studios offer monthly design, content, digital & marketing services, on-demand at one flat monthly rate. 

Why a membership with Artistry Studios?

Our number one goal at the Artistry Group is to build relationships with highly creative and effective organizations. We know these qualities come in all shapes and sizes. For new and growing organizations, memberships provide brands the flexibility that their digital, marketing, sales, communication, and product teams need. Combining 20 years of enterprise expertise with our passion for emerging brands, our memberships were built to provide the financial flexibility, tangible growth, and bottom-line benefit that you need across your company’s sales goals.

frequently asked questions:

Who are memberships right for?

Memberships support marketing and sales teams in need of a flexible, but dedicated design/marketing resource. With our team of project managers, designers, content producers, and developers, you can carefully plan and reliably execute marketing projects.

Who works on my projects?

The Artistry Studio’s team is based in the United States with over 20 years of combined agency experience. The company is managed by veteran project managers, developers, and art directors, giving you effective and reliable execution of all projects.

How do I request a project?

Anyone on your team can fill out a project request form (best if used on a desktop browser). By default, new projects are at the bottom of the queue, but your account manager can re-order the queue at any time.

Can I pay per project?

Memberships are the most cost-effective way to work with Artistry Studios. However, per project pricing is available to accelerate high-priority projects within a subscription plan OR for customers with infrequent design needs.

How many revisions do I get?

Each project gets two (2) rounds of revisions with the number of allotted projects increasing as the membership tiers increase.

Do I get the working files?

Yes. We deliver the working files at the end of every project (i.e. editable Photoshop, packaged InDesign, etc.).

What happens if I have a very large project?

No need to worry! Your project manager will work with you to divide your project into smaller sub-projects that the Artistry Studios team can accomplish and move through your queue. It is important to note that not every large project is appropriate for Artistry Studio Memberships, but we can, usually, accommodate for them with planning and coordination.

How does Artistry Studios compare to other agencies?

With Memberships, the same attention and service provided from an agency is offered to you without the extra dent to the budget. Our Memberships are designed to first tackle small projects, then scale with our customers. Within one day, our team can begin to make meaningful progress on your project, and your dedicated project manager is always availble to you. Artistry Studios has best-in-class designers, content producers, and developers at your disposal to give you complete confidence in a well executed project.

How do I work with my AS team?

Your project manager is available by phone or email Monday-Friday during Artistry Studios business hours (9:00AM-5:00PM EST). This person will act as the liaison to your AS team.

Will my AS team understand my brand?

Yes! Your dedicated project manager will work with you on all of your projects, learn about your brand and working style, and ensure projects flow smoothly during your membership.

How do I pay?

Artistry Studios accepts payment via credit card or direct deposit. Payment by check is available for quarterly (or longer) memberships.


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