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Pop Weaver



Pop Weaver, by the Weaver Popcorn Company, is one of the largest popcorn companies in the United States. The Artistry Studios (AS) delightfully assisted with various creative design elements to help forward the initiatives of Popweaver’s internal marketing department.


With a tight deadline, the AS Design and Content team worked with Popweaver’s internal marketing team to design marketing materials that were on brand, balanced (ex. Design-to-Word ratio), and clean. Exercising flexibility, the AS team frequently offered critical revisions to ensure these deliverables were prepared in time for the program’s launch.



  • Creative Print Design

  • Social Media Graphics

  • Project Management


The Artistry Studios provided Popweaver with a seamless external design solution that eliminates many projects bottlenecking + effectively communicated with its target audience to promote and garner donations for its fundraising program.

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